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Welcome to SPAAWS Luxury Pet Grooming, the fanciest pet grooming store in town! I'm Esteff, the proud owner of this pink and glittery paradise. We're new to the area, but we're here to shake things up and provide the most fabulous grooming experience for your furry friends.

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Sedation-Free Smile Sparkle

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Sparkling Smile
Dental Clean

Step into a world where your pet’s dental health gets the spotlight without the daunting cloud of anesthesia! Our Sparkling Smile Dental Clean service is a blend of expert care, gentle hands, and heartfelt dedication to your fur baby's oral health. We commence by softly comforting your pet, ensuring they’re at ease and stress-free during their session. Our adept team skillfully navigates through each tooth and gum, meticulously eliminating tartar and unveiling a visibly cleaner, fresher, and more kissable mouth—all without anesthesia. This service isn’t just a cleaning; it’s a commitment to preventative care, ensuring minor issues don’t escalate into severe problems. A pet with a clean mouth is a pet with a brighter, healthier future, and that's a future we want to be a part of. So, get ready to witness those adorable, clean smiles that melt your heart, knowing that beneath them lies enhanced health and wellbeing. A sparkle in their smile, a sparkle in their life—courtesy of SPAAWS.


SPAAWS Sparkling Smile Dental Clean FAQs

Can my pet really stay calm without anesthesia during a dental cleaning?

Is Anesthetic Dental Cleaning Safe for My Pet?

While anesthetic dental cleaning has its place, it does invite your furry friend to a snoozy journey, which, although usually safe, comes with inherent risks. At SPAAWS, our anesthesia-free dental clean ensures a bright, sparkling smile without the need for a sleepy detour!

What’s the Difference Between an Anesthetic Dental and a Non-Anesthetic Dental Procedure?

Anesthetic dental is a sleep-filled escapade, while our non-anesthetic procedure is a gentle journey with your pet fully awake, yet utterly calm. Both paths aim for clean teeth, but we champion the method that keeps tails wagging, eyes blinking, and comfort paramount!

What are the Top Symptoms of Dental Disease to look out for?

Be watchful for: 1) Unwelcome bad breath, 2) Reluctant chewing, 3) Bleeding gums, 4) Altered eating habits, and 5) Visible plaque and tartar. Spotting these early ensures your pet’s oral tale is consistently splendid!

How often should my pet engage in this enchanting dental cleaning adventure?

Regular visits (every 6-8 months) to our dental wonderland ensure that your pet’s oral story remains gleaming, healthy, and utterly enchanting, warding off any potential dental villains that may lurk in the shadows!

Can older pets or those with previous dental tales also join in the SPAAWS dental adventure?

 Absolutely! Pets of all ages and past dental stories can join us for a gentle, revitalizing journey towards oral splendor, always under the watchful, expert eye of our skilled technicians.

How do I book a dental adventure for my furry friend at SPAAWS?

Embark on your booking journey by visiting www.spaaws.com, where you can secure a spot in our schedule, ensuring your pet’s path to oral brilliance is set and ready!

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